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Matlab script that reads cell trajectory data and outputs the different cell motility and directionality parameters.
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A simple MATLAB library is included that allows the automated the tracking of fluorescently-labeled cells and the subsequent analysis of the cell migration. Please check out the manual ([Manual] MATLAB Migration.pdf) first for how to run the library. A link to the related publication will also be given soon. More details will be in the publication.

The cell migration analysis is divided into two parts: 1. Cell tracking. 2. Statistical analysis. The core engine for the cell tracking and the persistent random walk model (PRW) is authored by Mike Bindschadler. The data organization, presentation, and related statsical analysis is authored by Henry Chung, along with the help of Sean Bellefeuille, Shannon Gulvin, and Halley Miller.

The development of the cell migraiton analysis first started at the McGrath Laboratory (University of Rochester) and continued at the Gaborski Laboratory (Rochester Institute of Technology).

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