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Color tracking with OpenCV
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Color Tracker - Multi Object Tracker

Easy to use multi object tracking package based on colors 🎨

yellow-cruiser ball-tracking


pip install color-tracker

You will need the following packages:

  • OpenCV3 (pip install opencv-python)
  • Numpy (pip install numpy)

Object Tracker

  • Check out the examples folder, or go straight to the sample tracking app which is an extended version of the script below

    python examples/
  • Simple script:

    import cv2
    import color_tracker
    def tracker_callback(t: color_tracker.ColorTracker):
        cv2.imshow("debug", t.debug_frame)
    tracker = color_tracker.ColorTracker(max_nb_of_objects=1, max_nb_of_points=20, debug=True)
    with color_tracker.WebCamera() as cam:
        # Define your custom Lower and Upper HSV values
        tracker.track(cam, [155, 103, 82], [178, 255, 255], max_skipped_frames=24)

Color Range Detection

This is a tool which you can use to easily determine the necessary HSV color values and kernel sizes for you app

You can find the HSV Color Detector code here

python examples/

Donate ☕️

If you feel like it is a useful package and it saved you time and effor, then you can donate a coffe for me, so I can keep on staying awake for days 😃

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