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Keras model convolutional filter pruning package
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Ridurre - Filter Pruning in Deep Convolutional Networks

Pruning is the process when we try to shrink a network by removing the not so significant/redundant filters.

This package is a mini-framework which you can easily use on your existing models and also you can define your own pruning methods without any struggle.

pruning framework diagram


pip install ridurre

  • Install packages inside requirements.txt
    • pip install -r requirements.txt

Example Results

These results were achieved with the example provided:

  • Cifar10 dataset
  • ResNetV1
  • KMeans filter pruning
    • Clustering factor: 0.9 (which can be considered as an aggressive pruning)

training with pruning



Define you own pruning method

You can make your own pruning method by creating a new class which has the parent BasePruning. There is only 1 thing you should take care and that the implementation of the run_pruning_for_conv2d_layer function.

For an example just take a look at the RandomFilterPruning code.

Use an already existing method

Check out the example/ for a simple but extensive tutorial


You will need to define 2 callbacks for the pruning:

  • Model compile function
    • 1 argument:
      • model which is a keras.models.Model
    • This should define how to compile the model
    • Example:
      def compile_model(my_model):
  • Finetune function
    • 3 arguments:
      • model which is a keras.models.Model
      • initial_epoch which is an int: This defines the initial epoch state for the model fitting. For example it is 12 if we trained the model for 12 epochs before this function was called
      • finetune_epochs which is an int: Defines how much should we train after a pruning.
    • This should define how to finetune out model
    • Example:
      def finetune_model(my_model, initial_epoch, finetune_epochs):
                           validation_data=(x_test, y_test),


You will need to select which pruning method you would like to use. In this example I will use the KMeans pruning

import ridurre

# Create the model
model = build_model(...)

# Define compile callback
def compile_my_model(model):

# Compile with your callback (of course you can use different compilation for this train and the pruning)

# Train if you would like to start from a better position

# Define finetuning callback
def finetune_my_model(model, initial_epoch, finetune_epochs):, epochs=finetune_epochs, initial_epoch=initial_epoch)

# We can start pruning
pruning = ridurre.KMeansFilterPruning(0.9,
model, _ = pruning.run_pruning(model)

At the end of the pruning step, you will have a trained and pruned model which you can use. I can recommend to train your model after the pruning for just a little longer as an extra step towards accuracy.

Future work

  • Look for problematic cases, where there is a merging (like add) and warn the user that the different inputs to that operations should be pruned in the same manner
    • A good example for a case like this is ResNet
  • Define "pruneable" set of layers
    • With regex or layer indices
    • This needs to find add, multiply, average, etc... operations (layers) which needs same filter number from the different inputs
  • Different pruning factors for channels with different number of filters
  • More pruning solutions
  • Do not depend on kerassurgeon as I only use the channel delete function


[1] Filter Level Pruning Based on Similar Feature Extraction for Convolutional Neural Networks

[2] Demystifying Neural Network Filter Pruning


Gábor Vecsei

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