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simple pdf file split and merge tool
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PDFSM - Pdf Split & Merge

Simple tool to split and merge multiple pdf files

I wanted to quickly select pages from pdf files and merge them into a single document but I did not find any usable tool...So I made one in a few minutes 😃


pip3 install git+


Write a config file like this (sample_config.txt):

D:/my_folder/my_pdf_1.pdf 1-10,16,22
D:/my_folder/my_pdf_23.pdf 1-40
D:/my_folder/my_pdf_4.pdf 6,8,9-20

This means it will process the files sequentially top-down and include only the defined pages in the final pdf document.

pdfsm -i sample_config.txt -o split_and_merge.pdf

You can use different file encoding:

pdfsm -i sample_config.txt -o split_and_merge.pdf -e utf8


Gábor Vecsei

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