Implementing PopRouting
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What is Prince:

Prince is an open source implementation of the PopRouting Algorithm. It has been developed as a Google Summer of Code Project in collaboration with the University of Trento. PopRouting is an algorithm to calculate the optimal values for the messages timers of a link state routing protocol (OLSR, OSPF, etc). It fetch the topology data from the routing protocol, calculate the betweenness centrality for every node of the network and then push back the new timer's value. Currently it only supports OONF.

How to install it:


Dependencies: libboost, libjson-c

Clone the repository in your pc with : git clone

Enter in the directory : cd poprouting

Checkout the v0.1 : git checkout v0.1

Compile and install: make && make install

Openwrt / LEDE

To use poprouting with OpenWRT you need to build yourself the openwrt image with the toolchain. Create a folder in the openwrt toolchain root: mkdir package/poprouting

Copy the makefile for OpenWRT from the git root to the new folder cp ../poprouting/Makefile.openwrt package/poprouting/Makefile

Update the feeds: ./scripts/feeds install poprouting

Then run make menuconfig select the package and build the image

How to use it

Prince Configuration

Prince can be configured with a configuration file, this is an example:

protocol = oonf
host  =
port = 2009
refresh = 1

heuristic  = 1
weights  = 0


To use Prince with OONF you need the following plugins: remotecontrol, telnet, netjsoninfo.

This is a configuration example that works with prince:

      plugin remotecontrol

      originator    -
      originator    -::1/128
      originator    default_accept

        stderr false
        file /var/log/olsrd2.log
        info all
        bindto        -
        bindto        -::1/128
        bindto        default_accept
    allowed session 10

    acl default_accept