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An android library for beautiful custom dialogs
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Aesthetic Dialogs for Android 📱

platform API License

📱Android Library to implement custom, 😍beautiful, 🎨stylish Dialog in android apps easily.

Get it on Google Play

Table of Contents:


AestheticDialogs is a library that provides beautiful and custom Dialog inspired by Laravel Notify

Types of Dialog

AestheticDialog At this moment, library provides seven types of dialog i.e.

1. Flash Dialog 2. Connectify Dialog 3. Toaster Dialog
4. Emotion Dialog 5. Drake Dialog 6. Emoji Dialog
7. Rainbow Dialog LET's USE aesthetic Dialog !

Dark Theme

AestheticDialog Also provides Dark Theme for some dialogs i.e.

1. Connectify Dark Dialog 2. Toaster Dark Dialog 3. Emoji Dark Dialog


Implementation of Material Dialog library is so easy. You can check /app directory for demo. Let's have look on basic steps of implementation.


i. Gradle

Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

allprojects {
	repositories {
		maven { url "" }

Step 2. Add the dependency

dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.gabriel-TheCode:AestheticDialogs:1.1.0'

Create Dialog


                AestheticDialog.showFlashDialog(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showFlashDialog(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);


                AestheticDialog.showConnectify(this,"Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showConnectify(this, "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);

                /// Dark Theme
                AestheticDialog.showConnectifyDark(this,"Your message",AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showConnectifyDark(this, "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);


                AestheticDialog.showToaster(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);
                AestheticDialog.showToaster(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showToaster(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.WARNING);
                AestheticDialog.showToaster(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.INFO);

                /// Dark Theme
                AestheticDialog.showToasterDark(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);
                AestheticDialog.showToasterDark(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showToasterDark(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.WARNING);
                AestheticDialog.showToasterDark(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.INFO);

Drake :

                AestheticDialog.showDrake(this, AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showDrake(this, AestheticDialog.ERROR);

Emoji :

                AestheticDialog.showEmoji(this,"Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showEmoji(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);

                /// Dark Theme
                AestheticDialog.showEmojiDark(this,"Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showEmojiDark(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);

Emotion :

                AestheticDialog.showEmotion(this,"Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.SUCCESS);
                AestheticDialog.showEmotion(this, "Your dialog Title", "Your message", AestheticDialog.ERROR);


You can download the demo app on PlayStore


Let's develop with collaborations. We would love to have contributions by raising issues and opening PRs. Filing an issue before PR is must. See Contributing Guidelines.


This library is built using following open-source libraries.


Project is published under the Apache 2.0 license. Feel free to clone and modify repo as you want, but don't forget to add reference to authors :)

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