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S3 Proxy for Google App Engine
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Amazon S3 Proxy for Google App Engine.

The idea is to have a proxy to act in between S3 and browsers or other devices.

Questions? See shrub-gae google group

Examples of formats that Shrub exposes are:

  • RSS
  • HTML
  • JSON
  • XSPF
  • HTML/Tape (like MuxTape/OpenTape)

  • The web app: app/

  • The main library: shrub/
  • Third party libraries: lib/
  • Static assets: public/
  • Tests: test/


To run locally:

  1. Clone the repo: git clone git://
  2. Start up GoogleAppEngineLauncher (Get GoogleAppEngine SDK + Launcher at
  3. Right click on screen, and choose Add Existing
  4. Choose path to cloned repo.
  5. Hit run.
  6. Go to http://localhost:8080/

Other Libraries

Main leaf icon was purchased from iStockPhoto and is licensed by me (Gabriel Handford).


The following changes were made to libraries to handle certain features:

  • simplejson has some changes to automatically encode non-encodable data types via json method if an object responds to it.
  • id3reader has some changes to allow it to parse from a buffer, and also to be able to read truncated ID3 tag data.


To run the tests:

Copyright 2008 Gabriel Handford

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