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// NSDataTest.m
// YAJLIPhone
// Created by Gabriel Handford on 10/7/09.
// Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.
#import "YAJLTestCase.h"
#import "NSObject+YAJL.h"
@interface NSDataTest : YAJLTestCase
@implementation NSDataTest
- (void)testExample {
NSData *data = [[self loadString:@"example"] dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding];
id JSON = [data yajl_JSON];
GHTestLog([JSON description]);
GHAssertTrue([JSON isKindOfClass:[NSDictionary class]], nil);
NSDictionary *glossary = [JSON objectForKey:@"glossary"];
GHAssertNotNil(glossary, nil);
NSString *title = [glossary objectForKey:@"title"];
GHAssertEqualStrings(title, @"example glossary", nil);
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