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I'm getting weird errors when trying to compile the iPhone project. It's showing these as two errors and one warning each, all with identical messages. I'm using the latest (non-beta) SDK.

YAJLDocument.m:88: warning: '-document:didAddObject:toArray:' not found in protocol(s)
YAJLDocument.m:94: warning: '-document:didSetObject:forKey:inDictionary:' not found in protocol(s)
YAJLDocument.m:128: warning: '-document:didAddDictionary:' not found in protocol(s)
YAJLDocument.m:147: warning: '-document:didAddArray:' not found in protocol(s)

The functions are defined in the protocol, I have no idea what it's complaining about. Any ideas?

rpetrich commented Jun 1, 2010

Appears to be a problem with the garbage collection __weak attribute. I've commented it out in my local copy, but there's bound to be a better solution.

jonchui commented Jun 4, 2010

I have the same problems. Any help would be great!

gabriel commented Nov 2, 2010

Is this still happening?

jonchui commented Nov 8, 2010

I don't know - switched over to the json-framework which worked much better for me.


I'd bet this was because you didn't have all_load in your linker flags. ( related to the note in )

I'm not seeing this with the current XCode 3.2.5 and current library.

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