pytest plugin for manipulating test data directories and files
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pytest plugin for manipulating test data directories and files.

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pytest-datadir will look up for a directory with the name of your module or the global 'data' folder. Let's say you have a structure like this:

├── data/
│   └── hello.txt
├── test_hello/
│   └── spam.txt

You can access the contents of these files using injected variables datadir (for test_ folder) or shared_datadir (for data folder):

def test_read_global(shared_datadir):
    contents = (shared_datadir / 'hello.txt').read_text()
    assert contents == 'Hello World!\n'

def test_read_module(datadir):
    contents = (datadir / 'spam.txt').read_text()
    assert contents == 'eggs\n'

pytest-datadir will copy the original file to a temporary folder, so changing the file contents won't change the original data file.

Both datadir and shared_datadir fixtures are pathlib.Path objects.


Follow these steps to make a new release:

  1. Create a new branch release-X.Y.Z from master.
  2. Update CHANGELOG.rst.
  3. Open a PR.
  4. After it is green and approved, push a new tag in the format X.Y.Z.

Travis will deploy to PyPI automatically.

Afterwards, update the recipe in conda-forge/pytest-datadir-feedstock.