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What is that?

This is a font with 8 symbols to talk about the "Pomodoro Technique"®


I use the "Pomodoro Technique"® a lot and I've done that for many years, I'm a computer programmer, I make my own tools to keep track of my pomodori and I've always wanted some icons to indicate high level concepts in a terse and aesthetically pleasing way. For me symbol fonts are perfect because they could be used everywhere, even in a VT100 terminal see

What Do They Mean?

  • CLEAN_CODE at codepoint u+E000 this has nothing to do with the pomodoro technique, but it's nice to have a symbol for something that is so important :-)
  • POMODORO_DONE at codepoint u+E001 symbolize a pomodoro that was done in the paste, should be used to say something like "today I have done 12 u+E001"
  • POMODORO_ESTIMATED at codepoint u+E002 symbolize a pomodoro estimated/allocated for an activity in the future
  • POMODORO_TICKING at codepoint u+E003 symbolize the current timer, should be used to tell how long it takes to the end of the current pomodoro
  • POMODORO_SQUASHED at codepoint u+E004 symbolize a pomodoro interrupted, not finished and so not worth it aka wasted time
  • SHORT_PAUSE at codepoint u+E005 means that have passed less than 10 minutes since the last pomodoro ended
  • LONG_PAUSE at codepoint u+E006 means that have passed more than 10 minutes since the last pomodoro ended
  • AWAY at codepoint u+E007 means that have passed more than 50 minutes since the last pomodoro ended
  • PAIR_PROGRAMMING at codepoint u+E008 means that you are doing the current pomodoro in pair programming with someone else
  • INTERNAL_INTERRUPTION at codepoint u+E009 means that an interruption occurred and you are the source (ex. You remembered to do something or feel an urge to do something)
  • EXTERNAL_INTERRUPTION at codepoint u+E00A means that you have been interrupted by others (ex. Someone else asked you a question or a notification came up)

How Do They Look Like?


How To Use Them In The Shell

When you have installed Pomicons in your system and configured your font engine properly you can use those glyphs in your terminal. The problem is that is tedious and error prone to print glyphs using unicode codepoints

$ echo "THE POMODORO IS TICKING: \ue003"

Instead you can use font maps for the shell. When sourced defines constants for every glyphs in the font

$ source sh/

Where Are They Used?

... TODO



Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


Font with symbols to talk about the "Pomodoro Technique"




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