Flask + ZeroMQ + ReactJS + Webpack + Bootstrap + Socket.IO
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Flask + ZeroMQ + ReactJS + Webpack + Bootstrap + Socket.IO



But this is the truth: By cloning this repo and following the instructions you might get a working flask app that can ping arbitrary domains when the client asks for it.

The client is a webpack-powered, ReactJS app styled by bootstrap.

Get it running in less than 300 seconds

step 1/5: install python dependencies

please be tidy, do this in a virtualenv

mkvirtualenv flask-react
pip install -r requirements.txt

step 2/5: install npm dependencies

and enure that the executables are visible in the PATH

npm install
export PATH=`pwd`/node_modules/bin:$PATH

step 3/5: compile assets with webpack

webpack will turn the

make static

step 4/5: run the app

this will also serve the static files

make run

step 5/5: run the zmq workers

make workers

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