Explain loading of files more clearly on lettuce.it #110

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The documentation on the lettuce.it website doesn't explain how lettuce loads modules, after terrain.py. Is this determined by something in terrain.py? Or does it just load all modules from the features directory? In what order, alphabetical?

Not clear from the trivial example in the tutorial how you scale up to larger applications, where you don't want all your stuff in a couple of huge files.


SystemParadox commented Mar 26, 2012

Lettuce loads terrain.py on startup- the terrain simply defines a bunch of hooks, and each of those hooks are run whenever appropriate.

Next, the features files are located- this is simply a recursive search for all files matching *.feature in the features directory. They are currently processed in directory order (totally arbitrary), but it will become alphabetical to fix issue #54.


adaschevici commented Feb 4, 2014

@danni and @gabrielfalcao
How should we handle this?

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