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Add support for require all tags #274

mitgr81 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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As a tester
So I can test a scenario spread across multiple files
I want to be able to tell lettuce to only run scenarios that match all given tags

For instance, in our shop we use the @in_dev tag to specify that the scenario should not trigger failures on CI, and also a ticket number tag. As I'm developing against, say, @ticket_123, I'd love to be able to run all necessary tests with something like lettuce -t ticket_123,in_dev and see that full test suite.


We would like to see this resolved as well.

I came across a very old correspondence regarding tagging.!topic/lettuce-developers/GXAaxluNeAE

I also verified that the code seems to be written and the lettuce command's help mentions it however I too have not been able to get the above, or anything like it, to work.

Does someone have a working example that uses tags?

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