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Lettuce not show time more 1 hour #296

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I'm have test that work more 1 hour, but lettuce say always:

(finished within 1 hours)


Hi @gigimon, this feature was never given much importance because tests are not supposed to take that long, at least not very oftenly.

I'm gonna add this ticket to a "low priority" bug list but I'd advice you to revisit your tests and see why they are taking so long :)


It's not critical for me, will wait :) Tests is normal because we use lettuce for functional testing, not for unit test and test environment very long creates and work.


I was going to have a go at this,
has the time lapse feature been removed?


@adaschevici if you do this - it will very good for me, thx


can you provide some more detail of the way i can reproduce?
Are you using it with django and webdriver?
I have tried to write a test that is narrowed down eg: the factorial example they have on their website but i am not seeing the message
(finished within x time)
Can you provide more details on the scenario?


I use lettuce without django. I use it for big integration test which can go more 2 hours.
After all scenarios will be good see message like this:
(finished within 1 hours, 32 minutes, 58 seconds)


Are you testing with webdriver/selenium?
If you run a test that runs for less than 5 minutes do you see a message?
(finished within 4 minutes, 23 seconds) ?

I ran a test for 5 minutes and i did not get any messages

What version of lettuce are you using?

You can get the version via
lettuce --version


No, I don't use selenium/webdriver.

lettuce --version

About time I can't reply You, because I write my own workaround code for this


The version you have is a bit outdated. In the latest sources the time passed feature does not seem to be there anymore.

I have version 0.2.19 .

As far as i can tell this no longer applies and i would suggest closing it.


Guys remember you can always write your own output plugin inside of your

import time
from lettuce import world, before, after

def record_start(*args, **kw):
    world.started_at = time.time()

def show_duration(*args, **kw):
    finished_at = time.time()

    duration = finished_at - started_at

    print "It took %d seconds to run" % duration

Replace the silly code above with one that shows the output however you want :)


LOL, just realized you both have pandas as gravatar, what a cool coincidence :panda_face:

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