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TornadIO chat + clock

piece of crap, just a sandbox to learn

install dependencies

mkvirtualenv tornadio-chat
pip install -Ur requirements.txt


python app/

user experience goals

beyond the "emoticon" concept

nowadays people express themselves (emotionally) through emoticons, the idea that the the person A will talk to the person B through 2 different windows (conceptually, since technically it could two floating <div> elements)


when any user sends a emoticon X, it will match the designed color, and picture for a mood Y


color will bear role for expressing the mood Y

picture should be also a way to express the mood Y, now through a creative-commons licensed picture of some person that mood


valid emoticons: >:], :-), :), :o), :], :3, :c), :>, =], 8), =), :}, :^) color: yellow


valid emoticons: :$ color: yellow blushed with pink, like cheeks

... draft to be continued