Deploy Ghost (v1.22.1) to your Azure subscription with a few clicks
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TryGhost tweaked to work on Azure Web App

I've used the version 1.10 1.22.1 downloaded from as a baseline for this project. You can either create your web app in the Azure Portal and configure continuous deployment to this repository or use this shiny button to deploy straight to your Azure subscription

Deploy to Azure


Ghost Build status

Find out more about Ghost

To know more about Ghost, check out their official repository at and their website

Contributors & Advanced Developers

For anyone wishing to contribute to Ghost or to hack/customise core files we recommend following our development setup guides:

Staying Up to Date

When a new version of Ghost comes out, you'll want to look over these upgrade instructions for what to do next.

You can talk to other Ghost users and developers in our public Slack team (it's pretty awesome).

New releases are announced on the dev blog. You can subscribe by email or follow @TryGhost_Dev on Twitter, if you prefer your updates bite-sized and facetious. 🎷🐢


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