YASC is a another javascript code to create custom html select
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YEY Coders,

This is my new plugin: Yet another custom HTML select control.

Is simple and easy to use.
Please developer: If you fork my code and change it, tell me why and what. Just to exchange ideas :)

Using de YACS:

1 - Import the script file: YACS-min.js 
2 - Write and populate your select control.
3 - Add in end of code the follow command: 

<script type="text/javascript">

4 - Customize the CSS: YACS.css and done.


You can pass an array of options when you call the customize method:

Callback: Function that will be called after the select action.
showEvent: "click" or "mouseover" (this option change the way that list will open).

<script type="text/javascript">
	var callback = function(){
		alert('SELECTED ITEM');
	var showEvent = "click";
	var args = {"onchange":callback,"showEvent": showEvent};

	YACS.customize("SELECT_ID", args);