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This processor plugin for django-billing
implements billing with Stripe in a way that avoids any need for PCI
compliance, by ensuring that all sensitive info is only ever on
Stripe's servers.


1. `pip install django-billing-stripe`
2. add `billing.processor.stripe` to your list of installed apps
3. Set your public and private keys in ``:

    STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY = "from"
    STRIPE_SECRET_KEY = "from"


You'll need to create templates for django-billing. Examples can be found
in django-billing's example project, and django-billing's documentation
contains more details.

The only stripe-processor-specific info is that you'll need to add
the class "billing-stripe-form" to any forms that collect payment info
(on the payment details collection and update pages), and be sure to
include the form media:

<!-- in head section -->
{{ }}

<!-- ... -->

<!-- in body section -->
<form class="billing-stripe-form" action="" >
{{ form.as_p }}
<button type="submit" name="submit-button">Submit</button>