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Django Zendesk Import brings zendesk data into your django database so it
can be linked against your existing Django users and be used in other
apps. At the moment, only import of zendesk data into Askbot is implemented,
but import into django-helpdesk should be written.

The import process is quite database-intensive, so I suggest doing
a dump of your User models so processing can happen offline:

    python dumpdata --indent=4 auth.User > ../static/dump

You can then use the sample project to do the import and match:

    cd sample_project
    rm -rf /tmp/zendesk_import.db
    python syncdb
    python loaddata ../user_dump.json
    python load_zendesk_data  ../zendesk_data/
    python match_zendesk_users

To start over, you can:

    python reset zendesk_import

And if you are importing into askbot, do:

    python askbot_import_from_zendesk

The askbot import looks for a `ASKBOT_IMPORT_FROM_ZENDESK_DEFAULT_USER_ID`
setting defining to which user questions or answers should be assigned if
the zendesk user cannot be found in among the Django users. If the setting
is missing, Entries and Posts with unknown users will be dropped.

At the moment, Zendesk does not appear to export vote information, so
vote counts will not be imported. I have submitted a support request
with Zendesk to have this info included, but haven't received any timeline.