The Fake APT. Install packages using the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) without root access.
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fapt -- the Fake APT

Install packages using the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) without root access

 - no sudo needed to install fapt
 - no sudo needed to run fapt (ie to install other software)
 - usable in conjunction with globally-installed packages (similar to virtualenv WITH site packages)
 - no special activation needed
 - debootstrap not needed (no need to download redundant dependencies)

This should be useful whenever you don't have root access:

 - shared hosting
 - shared school computer system
 - PaaS providers ([dotCloud]( etc.)


 - shell access
 - system uses apt for its own package management
 - fakeroot
 - gcc

fapt uses prebuilt binary packages, it does NOT build packages upon downloading


The whole point of unix is to be multi-user, but a system isn't very useful if I don't have the software I need. "Sure," says the sysadmin, "you can install whatever you want.
Just go find the tarball, download unpack, compile and install it locally."

Works great. Until you need to install ffmpeg; 30 dependencies later (excluding any special codecs) you appreciate why they call it dependency hell.

Isn't that what package management was made for? I thought so too.


Step one (and only):

    eval `curl`

Note: the astute among you will likely have noted that `eval`ing things straight off the wire is not exactly the most secure practice. Feel free to open up and run the containing commands. It's pretty short.


fapt only does installation at the moment, so the command works like apt-get install:

    fapt <package name> [<other package name> [...]]


This project wouldn't have happened without:

- fakeroot
- fakechroot
- apt/dpkg
- Google
- man-pages

Copyright Gabriel Grant, 2011
License: GNU General Public License, version 3 (