Precompile Handlebars templates for Ember.js
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Precompile Handlebars templates for Ember.js

Note: New projects should use ember-cli. This package is available for legacy reasons, but is no longer being actively maintained. If you rely on this package and would like to help with maintenance, please file an issue.


npm install -g ember-precompile


This module has a similar interface to the Handlebars precompiler

ember-precompile template... [-f OUTPUT_FILE]

If output file is omitted, the compiled template(s) will be printed to stdout.

The template's name (in the Ember.TEMPLATES object) is created by transforming the original filename:

  1. the .handlebars or .hbs file extension is stripped
  2. any remaining . characters are replaced by / to support the nested templates used by the new Ember Router