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Easily deploy Storm, the real-time computation system, on dotCloud
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Storm[1] is a realtime computation system developed by Nathan Marz at
BackType, a social web analytics company since acquired by Twitter.
It is now used for Twitter's Web Analytics product.


How to use it

Clone the repo and push to dotCloud:

    git clone
    dotcloud push mystorm storm-on-dotcloud

At the end of the push, you'll be provided the URL of the Storm WebUI.
To find the URL of Nimbus' Thrift service, run `dotcloud info mystorm`

What's included?

Storm consists of three physical components:

 - Nimbus (the cluster master)
 - Zookeeper (central hub for cluster discovery and config)
 - Workers

By default, deploying this repo will spin up one of each component,
with four worker processes running on the worker machine.


The Storm workers can be scaled like any other dotCloud service:

    dotcloud scale mystorm.worker=3

Note that the Nimbus shouldn't be scaled.

Adding additional worker processes can be done by adding additional
worker ports named "workerN" in the `dotcloud.yml` file.

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