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DEPRECATED: The official repository for this project has been moved to and is managed through the gerrit review process as with all other OpenStack repositories. Bugs can be submitted on Launchpad:

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Django OpenStack Auth

Django OpenStack Auth is a pluggable Django authentication backend that works with Django's contrib.auth framework to authenticate a user against OpenStack's Keystone Identity API.

The current version is designed to work with the Keystone V2 API.

You can view the documentation on Read The Docs.


Installing is quick and easy:

  1. Run pip install django_openstack_auth.

  2. Add openstack_auth to settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

  3. Add 'keystone_auth.backend.KeystoneBackend' to your settings.AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS, e.g.:

    AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ('keystone_auth.backend.KeystoneBackend',)
  4. Configure your API endpoint(s) in

  5. Include 'keystone_auth.urls' somewhere in your file.

  6. Use it as you would any other Django auth backend.

Running The Tests

Download the repository and run:

python test
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