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My personal resume in FRESH format.
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gabrieljoelc/resume: CI


This is my personal resume in FRESH format. I use HackMyResume to generate output files from the YAML file(s). I use a forkk of fresh-themes for the styles.


Generate output using these commands:

# this line is an awkward hack because HackMyResume doesn't accept YAML for some reason
ruby -ryaml -rjson -e 'puts JSON.pretty_generate(YAML.load(ARGF))' < default.yml > default.json
# this is a fork that contains a custom theme
git clone
npm install hackmyresume -g
# once my custom theme supports multiple formats (i.e. PDF, MS Word) I can specify index.all
hackmyresume BUILD default.json TO out/index.html -t fresh-themes/themes/jae
open out/index.html


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