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This ICT4D Guide is a free and open guide to help anyone who wants to make a positive social impact with technology's help.

Why the Guide

This guide hopes to help anyone who wants to use technology to make the world a slightly better place.

This guide should help you whether if you work in international development, community organizing, entrepreneurship, university student—everyone.

My hope in putting this together was that could be something in it for everyone. There are items that may seem too simple, and others that are too advanced. That's ok -- it's a good place to learn, to grow, and hopefully, to teach!


To suggest changes (big or small!), simply edit the project text within Github, or open an issue.

Lastly, you can use the hashtag '#ict4dguide' to alert someone (or just @me).

Guide Background

I began writing this guide as a simple way to organize my own resources along the way in my fieldwork.

I wanted to use the opportunity of making this resource more public as a way to extend that reach even further.

Additionally, I'm hoping to learn from those who read it to provide feedback so that I can learn even more along the way.

If we have been successful, we will play a part in 'more evenly distributing the future' among the present.


These links are the result of many people's experiences working in the field in many locations around the world.

Most of this guide was prepared through many nights and weekends by me, Gabriel Krieshok -- and with amazing help from Henry Bruce, Annie Legge, Derek Caelin, and Matt Haikin.

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