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Backbone PouchDB Adapter
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Super simple version with working Todo application (a modified Backbone Todo example app). Also included is a simple Todo app with a synchronisation interface.


A Backbone sync adapter for PouchDB (,

Getting started

Check out the Todo example how it works. Basically, just set a pouch property on your model or collection:

  pouch: Backbone.sync.pouch('idb://mydb'),

Couchapp Example

I included a couchapp version of the Todo example with synchronisation support.

You can either run it as a Couchapp with Mouch [], or run it locally from your filesystem.

Run from Filesystem

git clone
cd CORS-Proxy
node server.js

This will proxy requests to http://localhost:1234 to a local CouchDB running on http://localhost:5984, adding CORS headers.

Install as Couchapp

You need the following libraries and programs installed on your system:

  • make
  • ruby
  • ruby-json
  • curl

cd to the apps directory:

cd examples/todos-sync

Create the todos-backbone database:

make create URL=http://localhost:5984/todos-backbone

Install the Couchapp:

make URL=http://localhost:5984/todos-backbone

and visit http://localhost:5984/todos-backbone/_design/todos/index.html

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