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GraphQL workshop material for conferences
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GraphQL Workshop


Welcome to the GraphQL workshop. The principle of this training is to learn how to build a GraphQL server. There are couple of tasks you have to complete. Each of these task contains a description about the instructions. Please follow the numeric sequence step by step, do not skip any of them. By completing these task you will be forced to use your JavaScript skills, you will learn about NodeJS, Express, RethinkDB which later we use as a database behind the server. You get to know how to write async functions and to use promises. You will write GraphQL schemas, queries and mutations. Tools that you are going to use:

  • graphql
  • graphql-tools (from Apollo)
  • rethinkdb
  • express-graphql

You probably have to dive deep into the documentation of each of these tools while working on the app. No worries now, you will come to it.


Select the branch "1-filedatabase" branch and read the


If you'd like to see how did I get the data from the website, take a look to

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