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A distributed application to split expenses in a group, using the Dat protocol and the Beaker Browser.
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In this project I'm trying to recreate the primitives behind Splitwise to run in a decentralized web application.

To access the live version you need to download the Beaker Browser and open DatSplit.

If you're interested in this project please reach out on the issues or on twitter.


The only single thing you need to run this is Beaker Browser. Before anything else you should install it. It's a peer-to-peer browser that allows our applications to communicate directly with one another, there's no need for a server. I'm very interested in what kind of tools we can build with this. I'm using their DatArchive API that's build on top of the Dat protocol.

For the live version please visit this link on the Beaker Browser.



  • Parcel Bundler
  • React

Start the application:

npm start

Build the production version:

npm run build
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