Setting up an SVN with TortoiseSVN

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First you need to download tortoiseSVN here: Once you installed tortoiseSVN you need to checkout this project. If you right-click inside any folder on your computer you will see some toroiseSVN related options, one of which is Checkout. Checkout will let you 'download' the project to your computer. Then you can simply Commit code you have changed back here for everyone to Update later on, however you will need to be on the list of collabretives 1st. If you are part of the Project send me your username.

Since you now have tortoiseSVN running you can now checkout this project. To checkout you will need to right-click on the location you wish to store the project and then click on Checkout. A window will open asking you for a URL, you need to use this one

Make sure 'HEAD' is selected and 'Fully Recurcive' is selected, then click Ok. You should be asked for a username and password, this will be your github account, make sure you click on remember because it will be a pain in the future.

Now you should be downloading all the project files. Make sure you are also using the right version of Unity 3D Engine (4.1+). After the download is done you can now edit the files in the program by running Unity. When you do open this project make sure to press and hold the Alt key so that Unity can add the Library folder which is needed.

Now you should see the project in Unity and should be able to look at the code. If you are on the Team you can try committing changes back here so that we can all get the update. Make sure to comment what you commit so that we all know what this commit is about. Also DO NOT COMMIT BROKEN STUFF! This justs makes it a paint for everyone :P