Redash Query Runner for Mixpanel (JQL)
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Redash Mixpanel Query Runner (JQL)

Docker project with Mixpanel integration as a datasource.


Have Docker installed on your desktop.


1. Install Docker environment

Build docker

docker-compose build

Note: It can take 10 to 20 minutes to build.

Create tables

docker-compose run --rm server create_db

2. Launch Docker

docker-compose up

3. Get your API Secret and Token on Mixpanel

See instructions here:

4. Go on localhost in order to access Redash

5. Add Mixpanel Datasource on Redash using your API Secret and Token

6. Run a Query using Mixpanel JQL

Like below :

main = () => People()

See documentation here:

How it works

  1. I added a mixpanel query runner and logo in redash folder.
  2. Then, in requirements_all_ds.txt, I added the Mixpanel library as a dependency.
  3. Finally, I added my runner in my .env file (used by Redash) in order to have it available as a data source. More details here: