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A lightweight Swift library to get network status and connection information, and to monitor for network changes.
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GTNetMon is a lightweight Swift library that detects whether a device is connected to Internet, it identifies the connection type (wifi, cellular, and more), and monitors for changes in the network status.


Using CocoaPods

In your Podfile include:

pod 'GTNetMon'

In Xcode import GTNetMon in any file you want to use it.

import GTNetMon

Manually (Not Recommended)

Download or clone the repository, and add all swift files from GTNetMon directory to your project.

Available Properties & Methods

Use GTNetMon class to access all available properties and methods. It is a singleton class, so use the shared instance to access its members.

Available properties are:

  • isConnected: Indicates whether the device is connected to Internet or not.
  • connectionType: The connection type as a GTNetMon.ConnectionType value (see next).
  • availableConnectionTypes: A collection of the available connection types to the device at a given moment.
  • isExpensive: An indication that the connection is expensive while the device is connected to Internet through cellular network. Note that this flag is more accurate when used in iOS versions >= 12.0.
  • isMonitoring: It indicates whether network status changes are being monitored or not.

In addition to the above, there are the following two methods:

  • startMonitoring(): It starts monitoring for network status changes.
  • stopMonitoring(): It stops monitoring for network status changes.


  1. It is recommended to start and stop monitoring in the applicationDidBecomeActive(_:) and applicationWillResignActive(_:) methods of the AppDelegate class respectively.
  2. Classes that want to be notified about monitored network status changes should observe for the GTNetMonNetworkStatusChangeNotification notification. It is posted whenever a change in the connection occurs.


In iOS >= 12.0, the new Network framework of the iOS SDK is used to retrieve network information. In older iOS versions, SCNetworkReachability API is used instead.

About GTNetMon.ConnectionType

GTNetMon.ConnectionType is an enum with the following cases:

  • wifi
  • cellular
  • wiredEthernet
  • other
  • undefined

Usage Example

See the simple example project in the Sample directory for how to use GTNetMon (ViewController.swift & AppDelegate.swift files).

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