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GTAlertCollection: UIAlertController variations gathered in one place, introducing new simplified usage.
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GTAlertCollection is a Swift component that makes it possible to present alerts as easily as just calling a single method.

GTAlertCollection implements alert controllers based on the UIAlertController class. It supports and provides a variety of alert types:

GTAlertCollection Demo

Integrating GTAlertCollection into your project

There are two ways to integrate GTAlertCollection into your project.

Using CocoaPods

In your Podfile add the following:

pod 'GTAlertCollection'

Then import GTAlertCollection anywhere in your project where you want to use it.

import GTAlertCollection


Clone or download the repository, and add the GTAlertCollection.swift file from the GTAlertCollection/Source folder to your project.

At a glance

The following public methods are provided by GTAlertCollection:









In addition, these properties are available as well:

  • alertController: The presented alert controller.
  • hostViewController: The view controller that the alert controller is presented to.
  • activityIndicator: The activity indicator of the alert.
  • progressBar: The UIProgressView object that displays the progress bar.
  • label: The label right below the progress bar.
  • imageView: The image view of the alert.

Please read the wiki for details on how to use GTAlertCollection and the various alert types. You can also find exported documentation by jazzy.


The implementation of the various alert controllers and the creation of the GTAlertCollection class is personal work and not a gathering of alerts found around on the web.

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