A bot to detect spelling and grammar mistakes on reddit.
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A bot to detect spelling and grammar mistakes on reddit.

Note: The original owner has not run this bot for over 2 years. If an instance of this bot appears on reddit, it is because somebody else has forked this repository. Please do not contact me on reddit for questions about a current instance of this bot, as I am no longer maintaining nor running this project.

  • Polls /r/all/comments continuously and finds spelling and grammatical errors

  • Replies to comments with mistakes bolded and a list of corrections

  • Modifiable grammar database with an efficient search algorithm and multi threading

  • Non-command messages recieved by the bot are automatically logged in the msg folder

User Commands
  • -delete The comment will be removed on the next cycle (Only the author may use this command)

  • -ignore The user will be placed on an ignored users list that will be excluded from corrections.

Admin Commands
  • -admin -delete Deletes the above comment

  • -admin -ignoreparent Places the parent user on the ignored users list

  • -admin -ignoresub Places the sub reddit on the ignored sub reddits list

  • -admin -shutdown Shuts down the bot immediately