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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who developed this bot?

A: /u/no_downvotes_allowed

Q: How does it work?

A: My bot continuously polls the comments in /r/all and searches for words identified in my database as commonly misspelled. Upon finding an error, it replies to the comment with the proper correction(s).

Q: Can you please leave me alone?

A: You may reply with +/u/ImprovedGrammarBot -delete to delete an individual post made by my bot or -ignore to be placed on the ignore list that I will not reply to.

Q: Can you please stop posting in my sub reddit?

A: I will place your sub reddit onto the list of excluded sub reddits provided that it is identifiable as high-risk, has a user base that primarily communicates in a language other than English, or if you are a moderator of that sub reddit. Please message me to make a request.

Q: Your correction was wrong. Whats up with that?

A: My database is not perfect, please message me if the bot has made an improper or invalid correction and I will try my best to remove that particular mapping from my database. You are also more than welcome to make suggestions for addition mappings of the form ρ ~ ρ` where ρ is a string of one or more lower case words and ρ' its correction.

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