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Kanricho is a task management app
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Kanricho - WIP

Kanricho is a task management app.

👉 Checkout the live website here


  • Boards, lists, cards create, update and delete content by the specific user.
  • Account creation and project association with said account.


This app was created to experiement with the tech stack and as a tool that I can use with specific features based on my requirements.

Tech Stack

  • React using Next.js for server side rendering, routing and tooling.
  • Styled Compontents for styling.
  • React Apollo to iterface with Apollo Client.
  • Apollo Client to perform GraphQL Mutations and fetching Queries, Caching data and using error/loading UI states.
  • GraphQL Yoga to implement Query/Mutation resolvers, sending emails and performing JWT authenication.
  • Prisma to use CRUD APIs for MySQL database, schema definition, data relationships, queried data from Yoga server.

Features to be added

  • Status, Priority, Due Date fields for cards.
  • Drag and Drop cards and lists.
  • Card off-canvas block to have WYSIWYG editer and comments as part of card content.
  • Calendar visualisation for cards with due date.
  • Email template for account creation and password requesting/resetting.
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