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GabNetStats is a handy swiss-knife tool for network administration and statistics. Featuring an old-school but very missed blinking network status icon in the system tray, network traffic graph, and advanced network statistics.


  • Adds an icon in the statusbar that reflects network traffic
  • Detailed statistics about network connections
  • Context menu for easy access to network configuration
  • Real-time network graph


GabTracker :


  • Clone this repository in one directory
  • Clone the GabTracker repository in the same directory, so that both repo are located in the same directory
  • Open the GabNetStats solution in Visual Studio 2017
  • If it cannot find the GabTracker project, in the solution, add an existing project and choose the GabTracker project
  • Generate the solution
  • GabNetStats should build without errors.

Many thanks to :

  • Igor Tolmachev ( for the original idea
  • Valerij Romanovskij (alias ext5 on GitHub) for the Russian translation
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