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Cardano Related Stuff

Hereby you find my humble contributions to the Cardano ecosystem. I hope that they can be helpful to you. Enjoy :)

IMPORTANT: the guide and the scripts are written for the current Cardano node architecture, and will be updated and adapted to the newly announced Haskell version, as soon as our pool will have migrated to it and tested.

IMPORTANT: check back often for updates for both the scripts and the guide, as they are constantly improved and updated. I will implement proper versioning and tags at some point, so it would be easier to follow releases.

Pool Operator Helper Scripts

jor_wrapper and node_helpers are a set of bash scripts to help pool operators manage their nodes. These spun off Chris G .bash_profile. I have ported them to bash (scripts), improved some of the commands, adapted others to the NACG guide setup, and implemented brand new features. You will still be able to use jor_wrapper and the node_helpers scripts, regardless of the guide you used to set up your pool.

If you have followed guides other than NACG to set up your pool, to fully take advantange of these scripts, all you need to add are the systemd (including the service user) and logging (rsyslogd and logrotate) integrations from the guide.

Head over to the scripts page to learn about jor_wrapper and the node_helpers. In there, you will also find suggested server management commands and tools, examples, teaser screenshots, and more resources.

Last but not least, should you need help at any stage of your pool operator journey, join the 'Cardano Shelley Testnet & StakePool Best Practice Workgroup' group on Telegram; it is packed with knowledge, and great and helpful people.

Not Another Cardano Guide

Not Another Cardano Guide is a guide that will help you setup a pool with Debian 10. You can find it here.

With so many great resources to set up a Cardano Stake Pool out there, like Chris G guide for beginners, Lovepool's and ILAP's setup files and notes, you may wonder - "why write the umpteenth guide?"

  • Firstly, it's convenience. This guide recapitulates everything that helped me setup INSL, into a single resource.

  • Secondly, it adds content. This guide introduces my scripts, some server administration suggestions, and integrates jormungandr with systemd on Debian. I wouldn't write yet another cardano guide, if it was going to be noise.

  • Thirdly, before even writing a guide, I have shared my scripts, and an addendum to his guide, with Chris G. Whether he decides to integrate them, it's out of my control. I owed to his work, and it was fair to share with him first.

  • Last but not least, it is about sharing. It is a way to give back to the community that helped me with my many questions on Telegram. Hopefully, this is going to be useful to newcomers looking for help to set up a server and a pool.

The Guide

NACG is written with experienced users in mind. Things like creating a GitHub account, creating and using a pair of ssh keys, are a given. If you think you need help with those - there's nothing wrong with it - you should refer to Chris's guide for newbs.

This guide won't reinvent the wheel either. Its focus are the system and the node itself, and it will point you to IOHK's, when it's time to create, fund, and register your pool. IOHK guide and scripts are all you need, and they are official.


Not Another Cardano Guide is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

jor_wrapper and the node_helpers scripts are licensed under the terms of the GPLv3 license.

About Me

Should you be wondering about my technical background, I've been a Linux professional for a long time. I love Open Source, and I've taught people about it. I strongly believe in Cardano. And it was a long time since I last contributed to a project.

I also run the Insalada Stake Pool, and this is what got me into this adventure. Follow insaladaPool on Twitter for future updates.


If you have comments, changes, suggestions for the guide and/or the scripts, please file an issue on Github. Any insight is valuable and will be considered for integration and improvements.

If these resources help you in any way, consider buying me a beer. Delegating to my pool would also be nice. It'd be awesome if INSL started crunching numbers besides server bills.

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