A PostGIS layer viewer for pgAdmin3 based on PyQt4 and PyQGIS libs.
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PostGIS Layer Viewer

A PostGIS layer viewer for pgAdmin3, based on PyQt4 and PyQGIS libs.

License: GNU/GPL v.2.0

Current version: 1.6.1 (2015.02.24)

With this pgAdmin3 plugin you can:

  • View PostGIS layers. It supports both vector and raster layers.

  • Get layer metadata such as connection string, vector/raster type, SRS, Extent, Width-Height in pixels (for rasters), number of bands (for rasters), number of features (for vectors), number of fields (for vectors).

  • Run and visualize PostGIS queries.

Installation and usage instructions at GeoTux.


pgAdmin's GUI


Raster support

Load Them All

Run and visualize your PostGIS queries

Load Them All

See the changelog at https://github.com/gacarrillor/postgis-layer-viewer/blob/master/postgis_viewer/changelog.txt