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Complete Ansible, Vagrant and AWS infrastructure
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Complete Ansible, Vagrant and AWS infrastructure

Vagrant provisioning

  • Install Vagrant and clone this repo.
  • vagrant up to start installation
  • The installation will provision 2 boxes myproject and services, you can retry provisioning using vagrant provision if it failed.
  • After provisioning the vagrant boxes you should access the symfony project on which is a basic symfony example project.
  • All redis, postgreSQL and solr services are on the services box.
  • Root is /var/www/application
  • MyProject IP is
  • Services IP is

AWS provisioning (AWS will charge you for launching services)

  • Login vagrant vagrant ssh myproject
  • Change the password and ssh key to yours and remove the prod_files from your repo /var/www/application/prod_files
  • Add the production password and ssh keys to vagrantbash /var/www/application/prod_files/
  • Encrypt your AWS keys as shown on provision/ansible/
  • Go to /var/www/application/provision/ansible
  • run ./ to start building the infrastructure on AWS.
  • Edit the deploy script roles/deploy-application/files/myproject/ to fit your requirements.

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