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🤷‍♂️ RStudio Addin to Search and Copy Emoji


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Search, find and copy emojis inside RStudio. Basically a DT + clipr + miniUI wrapper around hadley/emo.

Why? Because 🤓. But also because I wanted an easy way to find the Unicode strings for emoji.


Install ermoji with devtools


Or install using Dean Attali’s addinlist.


Open Search and Copy Emoji from the RStudio Addins dropdown.

Pick your emoji and use the “Copy” buttons to copy the emoji to your clipboard.

Browse the Emoji List

Search for Emoji

You can use regular expressions to search for any text in the table of emoji.

Search by Emoji

You can even search by emoji by pasting your emoji into the search field.

Search in Specific Columns

Search inside individual columns for more specific emoji finding.

ermoji was built by Garrick Aden-Buie (@grrrck).

Built on the shoulders of giants. Thanks to Hadley Wickham for emo, Yihui Xie and RStudio for DT, Matthew Lincoln for clipr. Thanks to r-lib for devtools and usethis — from idea to package in 60 minutes.

Find more great RStudio addins on the addinlist, like my other addin regexplain.

Feel free to file an issue if you find a bug – or better yet, submit a pull request!