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Tweet Conference Dashboard

A screenshot of the tweet conference dashboard interface

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Hyper-Focused Conference Twitter

This dashboard is designed to provide a clean, accessible, hyper-focused interface to explore and monitor tweets sent during a conference, event, or gathering (IRL or online).

Currently, the dashboard includes the following tabs and features:

  • 📈 Dashboard

    The opening page show a few statistics about the current volume of tweeting about the conference. If the conference is part of a larger Twitter community, you can also display overall statistics about tweeting in that community. For example, rstudio::conf tweets are from members of the broader #rstats Twitter community.

    The front page also includes the top retweeted and liked tweets from a configurable time window, such as 12 hours, and the most recent tweet sent.

  • 🏆 High Score

    The high score tab gives a "leaderboard" for users, hashtags, words, and emojis for tweets about the conference. This can be a fun way to gauge topics of disucssion, attendee or participant experiences, or to motivate users to participate.

  • 🎰 Tweet Wall

    The Tweet Wall shows all of the tweets from the conference in a Pinterest-style wall. Users can quickly scan and read the stream of tweets from the conference or event. Additional, configurable date filters allow users to look for tweets from particular date ranges.

  • 📸 Media Tweet Wall

    The Media Tweet Wall is another wall of tweets containing only tweets with pictures or videos. In addition to the occasional gif, this tab provides an overview of the pictures being published from the conference venue.

  • 🔍 Searchable Table of Tweets

    It is notoriously difficult to use Twitter's search features to find specific tweets. The Explore tab provides a searchable dataTable of tweets with a number of pre-specified filters. Users can search for text in any field or sort by date or number of favorites or likes. Clicking on a tweet in the table shows the tweet alongside the table in its original context.

  • 📆 Conference Schedule

    Conference schedules also tend to be difficult to search and interact with. But if a downloadable (or scrapable) conference schedule is available, it can be embedded directly into the app with the full search and ordering capabilities of dataTables. If a tidy schedule table isn't available, the tab's link can point directly to the conference or event schedule on an external website.

  • 📱 Looks Great on Mobile

    The dashboard is built on AdminLTE and Bootstrap with a fully responsive design. All of the main features work well on mobile — including the landing page, the high scores and the walls of tweets. The tabs that use dataTables try hard, too!

🙏 Thank you!

This dashboard was built using many great tools in the R ecosystem. Thanks to all of the developers of these open source packages:

...and many more. For a full list of project dependencies, see deps.yaml.

I also built a few things to make this work, including:

This dashboard was built by Garrick Aden-Buie and is released under an MIT license.

You are welcome to re-use and/or customize this dashboard! If you do, I kindly request that you provide credit and link back to the source repo or my personal webpage. Thank you!