Running list of my career achievements. Stuff I might not have room for on a resume
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Stefan's Career Achievements

Stefan Antonowicz - Career
This is a running list of my career achievements.  
All the really specific stuff I did at various jobs that won't fit on my resume

You can read articles by me or about my work here

University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Manage and oversee eight staff serving 29,000 students and 1,300 faculty.
  • Ran enterprise DNS (using InfoBlox) for and its subdomains.
  • Introduced CI process using Jenkins
  • Member of: University Web Governance Committee, Change Management Committee
  • Introduced KPI and data collection for web analysis
  • Introduced Agile methodology for project management.
  • Introduced Ansible for orchestration to enterprise
  • Project lead on integration of Cisco enterprise solutions into UMass framework
  • Prior to hiring developer to assist, solely responsible for SSO on campus - including Shibboleth, Kerberos, and 2FA (Vasco and Duo)
  • Spearheaded cloud migration. Ran AWS pilot for campus.
  • Created new architecture for alumni to receive a "forever account" - a Google education account that they can use in perpetuity after graduation. This involved the creation of an entirely separate enterprise authentication architecture and shifting authentication for 35,000+ users to the new endpoint
  • Negotiated contracts and managed budget requests for Akamai (bringing a CDN to the campus for the first time), Redhat, and AWS (ongoing)

  • Assisted in rearchitecture from home grown PHP system to Django
  • Rebuilt environment in AWS to use elastic load balancing, caching, and autoscaling. Setup IAM management.
  • Setup and configured Jenkins and Puppet for continuous integration.
  • Migrated partners to Wordpress architecture and increased uptime to 5 9s.
  • Planned, wrote, and implemented backend parser to take Wordpress xml exports and import them into SportsBlog db
  • Planned, wrote, and implemented workers to handle asymmetric processing
  • Planned, wrote, and implemented CMS for SportsBlog QA and HelpDesk employees
  • Planned, wrote, and implemented Wordpress plugins for partners (including the National Basketball Players Association)
  • Planned, wrote, and implemented a stats and revenue system
  • Leveraged the Mechanical Turk API to create a commenting system to seed user posts.
  • Leveraged the PHP NLP library to create a “related to” system for our bloggers.


  • Spearheaded the Pangea Project, consolidating 17 disparate blogs into one to eliminate a fascinating amount of technical debt. Read my post-mortem memo for more information.
  • Managed website running on Wordpress core, receiving ~24m unique visitors and serving up ~100m pageviews / month.
  • Helped to architect and develop the Station to Station website - a fully immersive website in the vein of the NY Times "Snow Fall". This was the first site of its type on
  • Tripled size of web team. Managed frontend developers, backend developers, and project managers. Mentored junior and senior developers.
  • Introduced Agile development methodologies and bug / enhancement prioritization and tracking.
  • Built full development environment, including the implementation of vagrant virtual machines, Grunt, and Jenkins
  • Worked closely with Editor in Chief (online), Director of Product Management, and GM of Sales to implement strategic technologies to support both ad sales and world-class editorial content. Worked with technical team at Conde Nast (New York, NY) to mesh brand priorities with corporate mandates and efforts.

Telltale Games

  • Game credits include: The Walking Dead (PC, Mac, Steam, iOS, XBox, PS3); Law and Order: Legacies (iOS, PC, Mac); Jurassic Park (PC, iOS, PS3, XBox); the mini-game "Whack da Ratz" in Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 1; and Puzzle Agent 2 (iOS)
  • Grew the web-team from one senior developer to six members (2 senior engineers, 1 Art Director, 1 Junior Designer, 1 QA Specialist, and 1 Project Manager). Implemented Agile methodologies, most notably a Continuous Integration process using Hudson as well as static front-end page caching via Node.js and Hogan
  • Created Telltale's web services for game integration by writing a lightweight PHP-based API to handle authentication, caching, notifications, and the saving of large, unstructured datasets to NoSQL (CouchDB) data shards. API also allowed for DLC and game patching.
  • Managed and development of complete website redesign, including eCommerce solution for purchasing physical and digital goods; a fully functional message board with advanced moderation; and integration with accounts in the game environment (activities taken in a game would be reflected in your profile on the website)
  • Implemented document-oriented database (CouchDB) to augment LAMP-based technology framework. Wrote Python scripts to help in management of this database, including web-enabled scripts using WSGI
  • Converted stand-alone, Loebner Prize winning chatbot to a socket-based web service
  • Architected and took lead development of a new web server architecture, including addition of a MySQL master/slave, an app / messaging server, and CouchDB shards for mining of game data
  • Implemented a notification server using redis to distribute messaging to multiple platforms, including the web

MAKE Magazine (O'Reilly)

  • Sole backend programmer/systems administrator and lead on technical projects for Maker Media. Managed day-to-day operations of all of Maker Media's web properties, including,,, and (our eCommerce solution running on Volusion).
  • Wrote project and technical specifications and shepherded all technical projects to completion. Provided strategic technical direction to heads of Sales, Marketing, Publishing, Editorial, and directly to the Founder of Maker Media
  • Managed junior developer - upon her acceptance of another opportunity, moved to a strategic sourcing model to assist with implementation of several key projects.
  • Managed consultants both remotely and in-house in positions ranging from web developer to web designer to systems administrator.
  • Wrote project specifications and handled project management through to project completion with stakeholders
  • Transitioned the Make: Blog (5 million pageviews/month) from a legacy Movable Type install on a managed box to a load-balanced Wordpress install in the AWS cloud. Handled server setup (2 load balancers, 4-n PHP App servers, dedicated memcache machine, and MySQL master-slave setup), data migration (using a combination of straight MySQL and Python to port data), site configuration, caching, troubleshooting, and enhancements. Wrote numerous PHP hooks to WP core files in order to keep our content environment out of the Wordpress core. Created a dev->staging->production environment so this could scale appropriately.
  • Wired entire NYSCI campus for the World Maker Faire in Corona Park, Queens. Ran cables, set up point-to-point wireless network, and configured secured nodes for paid sponsors.
  • Helped write the Open Manual Project in conjunction with iFixit, the partner hosting our Make: Projects web assets. oManual is a simple, open XML-based standard for semantic, multimedia-rich procedural manuals.
  • Voting member of the O'Reilly I.T. Governance Review Board, responsible for reviewing all submitted IT investment projects and validating whether they align to organizational goals; determining relative priority and sequencing of all I.T. investment projects; and providing a forum to make decisions supporting the broader growth goals of O'Reilly Media.
  • Implemented basic agile development environment. Encouraged other groups to submit user stories. Wrote, advocated, and implemented several key processes for organization to push projects through a measurable workflow.
  • Created numerous custom-coded campaigns (Perl, PHP 5 [including CakePHP], some Python [including Django]) in conjunction with Sales to bring Make to profitability.

  • Managed team of two senior developers, two junior developers, one systems administrator, one QA tester, and one senior web designer both remotely and locally.
  • Worked directly with CEO, CTO, and COO to develop products from initial "brainstorming" phase to production quality code, alternating between agile and predictive methodologies where appropriate. As company grew, became primary liaison between product management / marketing teams and engineering department.
  • Prior to hiring systems administrator, set up and managed 15 CentOS servers, including 5 webservers behind 2 F5 load balancers, 5 MySQL databases in a master/slave configuration, and 2 media servers mounted as NFS drives in both a production and development environment. Management included setup and configuration of PHP, Subversion, Apache (including SSL), Python, Tomcat, Java, monitoring, security auditing and tightening, writing management tools in Python and bash, and building custom installs from source.
  • Prior to hiring QA tester, set up and managed PHP unit tests over Selenium to automate testing of all critical systems.
  • Rewrote entire website using Smarty to free up design resources.
  • Wrote two iterations of a home grown CMS to assist team of 13 employees in managing their client load. Expanded margin on customers they were responsible for managing by 30%
  • Managed entire project process, including management of bug tracking software (Bugzilla), metrics of success in bug fixes, assisting in writing PRDs, writing wireframes and data models, setting and enforcing deadlines, and delivering top-of-the line projects on time and under budget.

Village Voice Media

  • Senior Web Developer in 3-man team. During my time there, the Village Voice website increased its traffic to 6 million visitors/month, and was nominated for its first Webby Award.
  • Built full "adult" website for Village Voice including events calendar, image/photo upload and sizing classes, RSS syndication, and login
  • Took over as Executive Manager for Technical Support for the annual Pazz & Jop music critics poll for both 2005 and 2006. This poll was the largest of its kind, allowing for free-form data entry by critics voting for their favorite albums. Rebuilt entire system to allow for greater management, flexibility, and stability. Developed and implemented cron-based soundex and metaphonic matching of title/artist/label names entered by critics, AJAX interfaces for administrators to perform on-the-fly matching of critic entries with existing albums in database, "sanity checking" to backend processes (bringing error rate of entries to zero), and "advanced" searching to augment existing GSA integration.
  • Heavy re-configuration and integration of SugarCRM (an Open Source CRM tool similar to SalesForce) into existing corporate structure. Rewrite was entirely in OO PHP and JSON.
  • After failure of sync'ing between different web servers, wrote Python-based tools to send failure and usage alerts to management.
  • Part of two-man team that added photo gallery functionality on website.
  • Configured headers in website to obtain low-hanging fruit for SEO. Configured GSA and modified XSLT for displaying Village Voice search data. Three months after configuration was completed, saw a consistent increase in web traffic by 25%
  • Introduced concept of Podcasting to organization. Recorded two podcasts a week (Michael Musto, Robert Christgau) using SoundForge and Audacity. At the time, the podcasts generated roughly 10% of the traffic to

Vespa Technologies Consulting

My consulting company from 2003 until 2008.

Marvel Entertainment

  • Initially hired to rebuild a broken RedHat machine with a bad boot sector. Machine rebuilt and files saved
  • Created Marvel's first online message board in PHP, including a new authentication system and advanced moderation
  • Deep code review and debugging of legacy PHP code
  • Worked on first iteration of what would eventually be the Marvel Comics Viewer. This first iteration allowed for a comic to be read panel-by-panel online, with zoom and paging between panels (ed: keep in mind this was before apps were even a possibility!)


  • Contracted to design and implement PHP, Javascript, and HTML programs based on existing wireframes and database.
  • Worked in a collaborative environment with President, two Technology Consultants, Lead Developer, Project Manager, two Senior Developers, three UI staff, and one Junior Developer
  • Built fully functional LAMP driven site including secure login, shopping cart, transaction processing, and complex inventory management from wireframes and workflows under anticipation of very heavy traffic.
  • Responsible for deliverables on weekly builds and for meeting very aggressive project goals.
  • Managed Junior Developer to ensure timely deliverables and effective team communication.

Elephant Ventures

  • Performed Salesforce implementation and configuration for brokers in Fortune 500 real estate company (Prudential Douglas Elliman)
  • Implemented and integrated AboveAll software with Salesforce via WSDL data feed
  • Scripted Windows binaries to assist marketing staff in day-to-day activities
  • Repaired broken and mis-coded PHP applications on EV client websites
  • Repaired broken and mis-coded ColdFusion applications on EV client websites
  • Architectd and implemented PHP solutions for EV clients
  • Built one-click Search Engine Optimization application to pull website rankings from Google, Yahoo, and MSN, using cURL and SOAP
  • Implemented Miva Merchant solution for client attempting to establish on-line presence in NYC

Greendimes / Tonic

  • Got up to speed on coding and practices within one week and was able to advise Director of Engineering and CEO concerning company roadmap for Q4 2007 and Q1 2008.
  • Managed 11 Linux boxes (CentOS and Ubuntu). Set up development environment, managed development, staging, and live environments, wrote shell scripts to sync and manage data between servers, interfaced with server hosting company regarding server resources and load balancers, wrote backup scripts for machines, configured and optimized Apache, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Administered Trac and Subversion for entire organization
  • Moved entire Engineering team away from Joomla to Smarty templates under OO PHP classes in order to address demands from management and marketing. Took the lead on enterprise-wide engineering decisions for and
  • Ported partially functional but non-scalable Perl scripts to dynamic Python scripts to automate internal, manual process. This process ended up being at the core of early success.
  • Created tools for Operations and Marketing teams to use to manage processes, produce reports, manage marketing campaigns, and aid in customer service. Configured OTRS system for management of tiered customer support, allowing for scalability of Operations within organization. Advised all departments on all technology aspects and made recommendations on staffing, technical issues, and methodology.
  • Wrote technical specs based off of non-technical project documents for offshore team to use. Created and implemented new data model and object models for entirety of organization.
  • Interfaced with all clients with technical questions and requirements, created a project plan for Engineering team to use, and worked with frequently shifting deadlines and priorities to deliver on-time, best of class applications.