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Real-time playground for meteor famous-views
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Copyright (c) 2014 by Gadi Cohen Released under the GPLv3, see LICENSE.txt

FView Lab is a "reatime client-side playground". It's super useful for rapid prototyping. But it's only just half of the full Meteor full-stack framework. For a similar project, where you have access to code on the server too, with custom packages, see MeteorPad.

Designed for use with

Tips and Gotchas

  • When you type, we try figure out what you're doing to only update what's necessary. That means, typing inside of a <template> only affects that template, and adjusting Template.x.rendered/helpers/etc code will only cause a rerender of the affected template. We never completely reload the sandbox, but we don't always get everything right at this early stage. If necessary, ctrl-R, and if you can reproduce consistently, open an issue.

  • The sandbox only reruns when all code works. Look out for the appearance of a red cross ("X") at the top of the Templating, Code and Sandboxes for problems. Mousing over will show a tooltip with the error. In the future, this will be integrated into the editors themselves.

  • JS console. Chrome by default shows errors from everywhere (Show all messages) checkbox, and executes code in the <top frame>. To inspect what's going on inside the sandbox, change the dropdown to <iframe>.

  • Sharing. Any time you save, we mark the webshot as dirty. When your link is first shared, the social network will retrieve the image and cache it. To clear this cache, you should load the link to your page in the appropriate debugger for that platform, e.g. Facebook (click "Fetch new scrape information"), Twitter, Google+.

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