Read InfraTec .irb files with Rust
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Reads .irb files from InfraTec. Without InfraTec's SDK, the most you can do is read text files created by the InfraTec software. With their SDK, you can read the binary .irb files themselves, via the irbacs-sys crate.

This project is not created by InfraTec. Please do not contact InfraTec with any questions or issues.

Using irbacs

To build with SDK support, use the "irbacs-sys" feature:

cargo build --features "irbacs-sys"

Because libirbacs is not thread-safe, tests with irbacs-sys need to be run single-threaded:

cargo test --features "irbacs-sys" -- --test-threads=1

Command-line executable

If you enable both the "irbacs-sys" and "clap" features, you get a simple command-line executable, useful for querying irb files:

cargo run --all-features -- info data/image.irb