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gae-init is the easiest boilerplate to kick start new applications on Google App Engine using Python, Flask, RESTful, Bootstrap and tons of other cool features.

Read the documentation, where you can find a complete feature list, a detailed tutorial, the how to section and more..

The latest version is always accessible from


Make sure you have all of the above or refer to the docs on how to install the requirements.

Running the Development Environment

cd /path/to/project-name

To test it visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

For a complete list of commands:

gulp help

Initializing or Resetting the project

cd /path/to/project-name

If something goes wrong you can always do:

gulp reset

To install Gulp as a global package:

yarn global add gulp-cli

Local testing

If you wish to run an automated test script, there is an additional dependency which can be installed with:

pip install -r test-requirements.txt

A simple test script framework, following the approach from the Google App Engine docs, can be run:

python main/ --test-path tests ${HOME}/google-cloud-sdk/

This simply tests that the site can start up; that the index page exists (and returns an http response code of 200), and that a non-existent page returns an http response code of 404.

The test framework is easily extensible.

Deploying on Google App Engine

gulp deploy
gulp deploy --project=foo
gulp deploy --project=foo --version=bar
gulp deploy --project=foo --version=bar --no-promote

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