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  • RESTful API with more URL, [limits]({{url_for('api.admin.user.list', limit=8)}}), [filters]({{url_for('api.admin.user.list', admin='true')}}), [orders]({{url_for('api.admin.user.list', order='name')}}) and [more..]({{url_for('api.admin.user.list', limit=4, order='name', admin='true')}})
  • JSONP support by providing a [&callback]({{url_for('api.admin.user.list', limit=2, order='name', callback='hello')}}) argument to RESTful API
  • Custom pages for error handlings, like 404
  • Jinja2 template macros for form inputs, [order by links]({{url_for('user_list', order='name')}}), [filter by links]({{url_for('user_list', admin=True, active=True, limit=16)}}), [easy pagination]({{url_for('user_list', limit=4, active=True, order='-modified')}}) and more..
  • Secret keys and other settings are stored securely in Datastore
  • Admin console to manage secret keys and other settings
  • Mobile first through Bootstrap 3
  • Automatic redirect to where you were after sign-in
  • Showing relative time for <time datetime='...'>
  • Add .btn-loading and your buttons will have the loading functionality
  • Working feedback form
  • Multiple OAuth options to sign-in (Google, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, etc)
  • Add easily any other OAuth provider
  • Email/Password sign in included on demand
  • User list that is visible only to the administrators
  • Delete or merge users
  • User permissions are route decorators
  • Easy pagination with custom wrappers using NDB cursors
  • Prefetch links for next pages
  • Gravatar support for user profile
  • Secure cookies through Flask's sessions
  • HTML5 Rocks
  • This document was successfully checked as HTML5!
  • SEO friendly with stuff like sitemaps.xml, robots.txt and even a custom favicon.ico
  • Dismissible user notifications in 4 different categories
  • Announcement posts across the whole site configurable by administrators
  • Many more small details and optimisations