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An opinionated boilerplate for React libraries including ESLint, Mocha, Babel, Webpack and an example powered by Webpack Dev Server and React Hot Loader
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An opinionated setup I plan to use for my libraries.

It has CommonJS and UMD builds via Babel and Webpack, ESLint, and Mocha.
It also has React-friendly examples folder with library code mapped to the sources.

If you use this, make sure to grep for “library-boilerplate” and replace every occurrence. See package.json in the root and the example folder for the list of the available commands.

Note that this is an opinionated boilerplate. You might want to:

  • Set stage to 2 in .babelrc so you don’t depend on language features that might be gone tomorrow;
  • Remove loose: ["all"] from .babelrc so the behavior is spec-compliant.

You have been warned.

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