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No Maintenance Intended

No Maintenance Intended

This project is no longer actively maintained. It does its job, but there are no plans to extend or change it. We suggest you to use the official react-addons-shallow-compare package instead which does the same job. To wrap functional components in a more expressive way, we encourage you to check out recompose.


A function, a component and a mixin for React pure rendering.

This module provides exactly the same functionality as PureRenderMixin, but as a standalone module and in three different flavors.



This is my preferred method, but it requires ES7 class property transform to be enabled by putting { "stage": 0 } in your .babelrc.

import { Component } from 'react';
import shouldPureComponentUpdate from 'react-pure-render/function';

export default class Button extends Component {
  shouldComponentUpdate = shouldPureComponentUpdate;

  render() { }


Inheritance is not very cool but it doesn't hurt a lot if it's just for the sake of this single method. If you don't want to use stage 0 transforms, you can use a base class instead:

import PureComponent from 'react-pure-render/component';

export default class Button extends PureComponent {
  render() { }


If you're working with createClass-style components, use the mixin. It's exactly the same as React.addons.PureRenderMixin.

var React = require('react');
var PureMixin = require('react-pure-render/mixin');

var Button = React.createClass({
  mixins: [PureMixin],

  render: function () { }

module.exports = Button;


Sometimes shallowEqual is all you need. It's bad to reach out into React internals, so this library exposes exactly the same shallowEqual you already know and love from React.

import shallowEqual from 'react-pure-render/shallowEqual';
console.log(shallowEqual({ x: 42 }, { x: 42 }));

Known Issues

If a component in the middle of your rendering chain has pure rendering, but some nested component relies on a context change up the tree, the nested component won't learn about context change and won't update. This is a known React issue that exists because context is an experimental feature and is not finished. However some React libraries already rely on context, for example, React Router. My suggestion for now is to use pure components in apps relying on such libraries very carefully, and only use pure rendering for leaf-ish components that are known not to rely on any parent context.

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[No Maintenance Intended] A function, a component and a mixin for React pure rendering




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