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ECCO version 4

DOI Documentation Status


This repository contains model settings and documentation (readthedocs) that allow users to download, analyze, rerun, or modify ECCO version 4 ocean state estimates using the MITgcm via on-premise computers or cloud-computing recipes). Model output can be analyzed and manipulated using the gcmfaces and MITprof toolboxes in Matlab / Octave. Other toolboxes are available in Python and Julia. For user support, please contact or

ECCO version 4 release 2:

Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean version 4 release 2 is an ocean state estimate and solution of the MIT general circulation model that covers the period from 1992 to 2011 (Forget et al., 2016). It is a minor update of the original ECCO version 4 solution (Forget et al., 2015) that benefits from a few additional corrections listed in Forget et al. (2016) and is easier to analyze and re-run. Its input and output are available for direct download via FTP and permanently archived via Dataverse.

ECCOv4 r2 FTP:

Other ECCOv4 solutions: see Other known solutions in the documentation


Forget, G., J.-M. Campin, P. Heimbach, C. N. Hill, R. M. Ponte, and C. Wunsch, 2015: ECCO version 4: an integrated framework for non-linear inverse modeling and global ocean state estimation. Geoscientific Model Development, 8, 3071-3104,,

Forget, G., J.-M. Campin, P. Heimbach, C. N. Hill, R. M. Ponte, and C. Wunsch, 2016: ECCO Version 4: Second Release,, direct download